Here on the hill top, we give God all the glory and praise for the past 100 years of services on these holy grounds.  As we look forward, we will continue to rely on God's blessings and direction for the years to come.


July 1 through Labor Day:

We want to invite you to come and visit us on top of the hill for uplifting services.  Come to one, or come to all.  You are Welcome!  Calvary Evangelical's activities are held at the Lewistown Valley Tabernacle.  Starting in 1913, outdoor services were first held there in a tent.  The present day tabernacle was built at some time prior to 1925.  Many wonderful messages have been heard within these walls each year.  Summer services are still held each year in the tabernacle during the months of July and August.  They have traditionally culminated with a special series of evangelistic services during the week prior to Labor Day being held by the Lewistown Valley Tabernacle group.  Special services on Labor Day weekend close out the summer series and are usually highlighted with a large crowd and music on Monday.  Also included are special musical groups at different times during this two month period.